Whatʻs That Noise?

Vehicles are meant to make noise, even the quietest of cars make certain engine sounds. However, when you suddenly hear noises that you’re not used to, it’s vital to consider these foreign sounds as signals of engine problems. Have a professional take a look at your vehicle immediately to prevent any costly repairs. Below is a short list of unusual car noises and what they might mean.


Hard knocking sounds may indicate that your car’s connecting rods have either become loose or worn out. These sounds usually mean that your bearings are either soon to be or already damaged. We recommend visiting your most trusted mechanic or auto service center to have it properly looked at and possibly repaired.


Transmission issues come with a distinct grinding and clunking. If you’re driving a car with a manual transmission, you might here the clunking when you shift gears. The nitty gritty grinding sounds may be warning you of a transmission blocked by grease and dirt.


Clicking sounds may indicate that the oil pressure is low. The noises will typically get louder as you increase the speed of your vehicle. Immediately check your dipstick to ensure your oil levels are sufficient.


When you hear hissing noises, immediately take a look at your cooling system. These sounds sometimes result from an overheating engine or a leaking vacuum. We suggest having your vehicle repaired quickly and replacing any vacuum devices to prevent further leak problems.

May this list come in handy if ever you’re driving home form work and your engine starts to hiss. Listen to what your vehicle is trying to tell you, it may save you money and time. Though we’re always here to fix your auto’s body, our number one priority here at KW Auto Body is you.