Keep 2018 Fresh With A New Ride

We’re nearing the end of February, and there’s no better way to keep 2018 fresh than with a new car. We know that purchasing a brand new set of wheels can seem rather intimidating, but our KW crew made a list of things that are sure to make your car-shopping experience smoother.


We highly recommend evaluating any auto expenses in the previous year. How much were your regular maintenance fees and how often were they performed? How many miles did your car put on in the year? What’s the current trade-in value of your vehicle? By asking these questions before shopping, you can comfortably decide a budget for your new vehicle. The last thing you’d want is to purchase a car and feel financial unstable because of it.


We are lucky enough to live in a time where there is a vehicle for every lifestyle. Whether you’re a family-friendly SUV driver or more of a four-door sedan person, we suggest assessing your needs and exploring vehicles that cater to your daily life.


When it comes to buying the right vehicle, there’s really no rule set in stone that makes ‘new’ or ‘used’ better than the other. It really all depends on your personal preference. Yes, brand-spankin-new cars come equipped with a warranty and the hottest gadgets and gizmos; however, used vehicles are almost always more affordable and allow you to pay off your car loan within three years.


When you’ve narrowed your decision down to a couple cars, familiarize yourself with comparative models, suggested MSRP’s and owner-reviews by browsing sites like The goal is to enter a dealership with confidence and exit with the car of your dreams.

We hope you find this list useful when the time to shop comes around. Remember, no matter what vehicle you decide to drive home, KW Auto will always be here when you need us.