2018 Resolutions For The Road

It’s official – 2017 is in our rearview mirrors. As grateful as we are for what 2017 has brought, it’s time for us to set some new year’s resolutions for the road. Below are three 2018 resolutions we plan to stick to here at KW Auto Body.


According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, road rage, which includes misjudging another driver’s intent and illegal maneuvering, contribute to 1/3 of all automobile collisions. Trust us when we say we’ve been there – someone cuts you off or takes your parking stall and you proceed to curse them and their entire family. This year let’s try to give those drivers the benefit of the doubt. Resolution one, keep calm and drive on.


Cell phone use while driving a vehicle leads to more than 1.5 million crashes each year (according to The National Safety Council). How is that number so high when premier cell phone companies like Apple have created features like Do Not Disturb that prevent your device from receiving notifications? The only thing you ever need to say before getting behind the wheel is “g2g”. Resolution two, don’t text and drive. Just wait.


Here at KW Auto Body we’re all about having a happy 2018, but more than anything, we want you to have a safe one. Resolution three, don’t drink and drive. Whenever you’re in any doubt about driving after one drink, two drinks, ten drinks – call a cab, call an uber, call someone, but don’t drive.

We’re stoked for what 2018 will bring. Keep these resolutions in mind as you hit the road this year, we plan on seeing them through, and we hope you will too. And for whatever bumps and bruises the new year may bring to you and your car – well, we’ll be here to see that through too. Happy New Year friends!