Summer Is Here, Tune Up : 3 Ways To Keep Your Car In Tip Top Shape

Summer is here, and with the best season of the year comes that familiar summer heat. While the sunshine is great for getting your tan on, the heat can take a toll on your car. And while it is possible to maintain your vehicle yourself, all of us here at KW Auto Body want to make sure you’re checking three specific things.

As the temperatures continue to rise, your tires will continue to swell. The first thing we want you to check is your tire’s tread. The trouble comes when your tires are already running thin and the combination of the heat causes bubbles to form on the surface. Those little bubbles will eventually pop creating holes in your tire. One hole is no big deal, times one little hole by a hundred and now you not only have one huge hole in your tire but a huge hole in your bank account too. Check your tread, check your tires, and rotate them if needed before the summer heat hits its peak.

Next on our list of things to check is your car’s fluid levels. We’ve cautioned fluid levels in previous blog posts because they are such an essential component to your vehicle running smoothly. Engine oil, power steering fluid, brake fluid, coolant, transmission fluid, windshield wiper fluid – check them all. Just like humans need to hydrate, so do our cars.

The last thing you want broken in the dead of summer is your vehicle’s A/C. To avoid this, check your compressor to make sure it’s operating correctly (blowing cold air powerfully). Any sign of warm air means your car’s refrigerant needs to be recharged. This can be fixed quickly with a trip to your trusted mechanic or local auto parts store.

There you have it! Three simple tasks that you can do yourself to keep your car in tip top shape before the summer sun strikes. Check them now so you’re not sweating in regret later. And don’t forget that KW is here - fall, winter, spring and summer - for your auto body needs. Contact us for a free consultation.

Aloha & Enjoy Your Summer, 

From All Of Us at KW Autobody