Gifts To Give A (Car) Lover

With Valentines Day fast approaching jewelry, chocolates and flowers are quick to make their way to the top of the list of Gifts For Her/Him. The last thing you want is to get caught up the last-minute crusade to the store, frantically trying to find something for your special someone. Well, if your significant other prefers to be behind the wheel, below are a three gift ideas to get him or her geared up for the upcoming year.

-AUTOMATIC CORDLESS TIRE INFLATOR. As Hawaii’s volatile weather and road conditions continue to change, so will your tire pressure. There’s an easy way to stay ahead of the curve and away from those dinky gas station air pumps. You can find cordless tire inflators with a quick search on Amazon, with prices ranging anywhere from forty to a hundred dollars.

-6-IN-1 CAR EMERGENCY TOOL. It’s known that big things come in small packages, and this gift would largely help in the event of an emergency. Found on Amazon for less than twenty dollars, the 6-in-1 emergency tool makes the perfect I love you gift and comes with: a hammer, flashlight, magnet, whistle, seat belt cutter and a blinking SOS light.

-FIRST AID AND ROADSIDE KIT. As always, our main goal here at KW Auto Body is to provide our customers with honest, quality repairs and great customer service, and to get you back on the road safe and sound. But what a lot of people don’t realize is that being safe is more than just driving safe – you must also be prepared for anything that comes at you on the road. One of the surest ways to guarantee your safety and the safety of your lover is to keep a first aid kit and a roadside kit in the car at all times for those unexpected fender-benders. Yes, they will take up space in your trunk, but when you’re broken down roadside, you’ll be sure to want these two kits on your side. You can find both kits on Amazon for a combined cost of less than seventy dollars.

That about seals our list with a kiss. Of course, the greatest gifts of all include happy and safe travels on the way to meeting those we love and care about most, but on the off chance that roads are bumpy and you hit a nasty pothole, KW Auto Body will be there to give you and your loved ones the gift of getting you back on the road safely.