3 Gifts For The All-Around Car Lover

December has come and the countdown to Christmas is in full swing. Along with the most wonderful time of the year comes the task of finding the perfect presents for the ones you love most. If your loved ones are all about the automotive trends, let our list below help you determine the best gifts for them!

The commute to and from work every day can be a pain in the neck, back and bum. Keep your loved ones as comfortable as possible with a massage cushion. These little treasures help to keep your pain to a minimum, and may even help to settle any anxiety or road rage caused from driving. You can find some quality cushions on amazon for as little as thirty dollars.

If your special someone is like any of us here at KW Auto Body, they like the inside of their car as free from dust and dirt as they do the outside. An automotive vacuum is the perfect gift for making sure the inside of their car, even the deep dark corners full of french fries and loose pennies, is clean. Most car vacs plug right into the cigarette lighter socket, making it extra easy to clean on the go.

Next up on our list of gifts for the all-around car-lover – portable jump starter. No one should ever drive their vehicle without a set of jumper cables on hand. Now say you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere with a dead battery and there’s not a single helping hand to get you started, we’ve got your back. For about $40 you can find yourself a decent portable jump starter online. This allows you to jumpstart your vehicle on your own. Cruise the island (or anywhere for that matter) knowing that your car battery is in good hands.

Yes, we know that the holidays aren’t only about gifts. We absolutely look forward to enjoying the company of the ones we love most this holiday season. However, if a Christmas gift can help to keep our loved one’s minds and bodies safe, we’re all for it. If you find some dents in your vehicle while making a dent in your Christmas list, give us a call. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!