3 Ways To Prepare Your Car For Fall


Hawaii basically has one season all year long – summer. And although we love our everyday paradise, it is technically fall, and we do get the occasional day where a wind breaker and jeans are necessary for the chilly (sometimes rainy) seventy-degree weather. For those days that are colder than the rest, and for all our mainland ohana that get a real taste of the cold, below is a small list of things to keep in mind with the changing seasons.


Chilly weather can be harsh on the things we need the most at the most inconvenient times. Check your battery’s corrosion build up around the connectors occasionally. We know that the only way to accurately assess your battery’s lifespan is with professional equipment, but giving it a quick once-over between tune-ups won’t hurt. Carefully scrape away any powdery residue to give your battery a boost.


You never really know how depleted your windshield fluid and wipers are until that first rainy and cold morning of the season. Assuming that day has not already come, we recommend you replace your old blades ASAP. Keeping your windshield clear will not only keep you safe with a better line of site, but those around you as well.


With fall/winter months, even in Hawaii, come longer nights and shorter days. Be sure to replace any burnt bulbs. We also recommend clearing your light lenses of any road grime, which normally consists of a mixture of salt, dirt, sand and water. We suggest taking a moist (never dry) cloth to the lights to prevent scratching.

We understand that no matter how prepared one may be, car accidents can still happen. Having a few key items with you always, like a car jack, flashlight and a first-aid kit, will help to lighten your load in what may be your most taxing of times. Keep in mind, should your car take an auto body toll this fall, we’re here with superior customer service to get you back on the road in no time.